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Rev. John Seidu Lachana was born  in Ghana to Police parents on February 8th, 1965 in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana. After just one year in the north, he would spend his childhood years in the south, specifically the Eastern Region of Ghana. He was the second of four siblings. He was brought up in a very strict and disciplined environment. Even though his parents were not Christians at that time they made sure he attended church with his siblings. He was also enrolled in Catholic School where he had all his elementary and high school education.

At age 13, his second year in high school, his father died which changed the entire dynamics of his family leaving him with a poor mother who had to struggle to make sure he completed school. His dear Mom of blessed memory passed away recently a happy and fulfilled woman.

Rev. John Lachana’s dream to become a Medical Doctor was short lived after his high school and Advanced Level education. At the age of 18 he was known to be attached to so many men of God who took so much interest in him including the renowned Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and his wife of the Christian Action Faith Ministries. In fact he was known among his peers as the ‘Friend of the Pastors’. He received his calling at age 19 in 1985 in Accra and was literary shipped to Nigeria because he tried everything to run from the call. And for the fact that he was to have his training in Nigeria made him more resistant.  By January 21st, 1986 less than a month to his 20th birthday he was in the Bible College and Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria on a scholarship from a rich Nigerian Businessman. This new environment which he detested so much would become his second home for a long time - the beginning of a New Era. He received his Diploma in Theology and Practical Ministry after 3 and 4years respectively in addition to the school’s overall Prestigious Best Student Award.

Rev. Lachana was ordained in 1991 after three years of practical and ministerial service in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He planted one and pastored two more churches within that period. He was transferred to Lagos to pastor the Church of the Lord (Church of Antioch) in Lagos, Nigeria. God used him wonderfully during these 3-glorious years in Lagos including a completion and dedication of a cathedral style church edifice, his name engraved in a marble plaque at the main entrance of the church in appreciation to a total dedication and selfless service in ministry.

During his stay in Nigeria Rev. John Lachana crisscrossed the entire nation on evangelism and ministry. From the south to the north, from the west to the east.  Rev. Lachana appreciates Nigeria so much because this great nation made him what he is today and prepared him for world ministry. Ghana gave him life, Nigeria trained him spiritually and gave him hope, U.S.A. gave him opportunity.

In 1994, there was a special request of him and his boss and mentor to come to U.S.A. for ministry. It was exclusively an evangelistic trip the first of a 3-nation tour, U.S.A., Switzerland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain. By the grace of God and by popular request he was retained by people of New York to help in various Ministerial challenges for three churches whom he mentored and supervised in Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx for the next six years.

During his tenure in New York within 1996-1998 he got involved in partnership with a Catholic Church in the heart of Harlem in ministering to HIV/AIDS patients. It was one of the most fulfilling experience in his life, he recounts. Around the same period pursued a Bachelor of Science in Theology degree.

In the year 2000 his wife Felicia Lachana joined him from Ghana after a long wait and a year later the word of the Lord came to John Lachana to go to Atlanta after completing his assignment in New York – acquiring a new church building and dedicating it to the glory of God.

Leaving New York was difficult after all the accomplishments but he believes God must always have His way in his life. After seeking for God’s confirmation which was revealed more than expected The Church of the Lord (Amazing Grace Center) was planted in the heart of Riverdale, Georgia, a non-denominational church where everybody is somebody. God has been more than faithful since then. And upon his obedience God blessed him and his wife Felicia with Princess Jessica.

John Lachana who prefer to be simply called Rev. Lachana despite all the titles and accolades he is qualified to bear is called to the office of Prophet and Pastor with an Apostolic Mantle. He and his wife have passion for Healthy Marriages, Elderly Care and actively involved in High Blood Pressure Monitor Drive where they receive monitors from friends and ship them to various countries in Africa to help reduce the risks of stroke and heart problems.

In the year 2003, after numerous persistent pressures, finally returned to Nigeria to receive an Honorary doctorate in Ministry.

Rev. Lachana and family resides in Fayetteville, Georgia and together by the grace of God enhance destinies and continue to invest in people. They continue to pastor this great church Amazing Grace Center, awesome membership where everyone is somebody and currently a new sanctuary plan is in place.

Rev. Lachana is also known for his passion for missionary work, notably the West Coast of Africa, South Africa, and India. He has traveled extensively to some of the remotest places in the world and encountered many challenges as far as the gospel is concerned. He believes he is a vessel in the hands of His maker ready expend and be expended.

Rev. Lachana is an inspirational author and also writes for the church bulletin “Thought for the week” every week.

He lives with a simple life code that no matter what in life God sovereign, He cannot fail and everybody is somebody.

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